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OLJA Marigold essential Oil is extracted through solvent extraction method from the flowers of marigold. It is scientifically known as Calendula which belongs to the subfamily Asteroideae and family Asteraceae. Due to great antiseptic property, absolute oil of marigold is widely used to treat cuts and wounds. It also works amazingly to treat muscles spasms. Moreover, you can also use it to keep insect at a bay.

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• Marigold oil helps you kill mosquitoes, bed bugs and lice and other infections. It also neutralizes the effects of insect stings and bites. This is because marigold flowers have anti-parasitic effects. If you want, you can also use marigold flowers for your skin problems. A face pack made from marigold flowers helps in improving your skin.
• Put few drops of Marigold oil for Inhaling or aromatherapy and enjoy the soothing impact on your mind and soul.
• When applied with carrier oil it is great for the skin.
• Diffuse as it instills a sense of positivity and calmness.

Additional information


Do not apply directly on your skin as it is undiluted and contains powerful extracts that may harm your skin.

Blends with

Marigold oil blends well with other essential oil and carrier oils.

Method of extraction

Steam Distilation

Part used

It is extracted through solvent extraction method from the flowers of marigold.



Country of Origin


Shelf Life

Best before 2 years from manufacturing

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