Palmarosa Essential Oil – 30 ml

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Product Description

OLJA Palmarosa essential oil is naturally extracted from Palmarosa plant, It is 100% natural and therefore highly concentrated. Palmarosa essential oil has several medical and therapeutic values. Palmarosa essential oil does wonder to your skin when applied with carrier oil , creams or moisture. Perfect for aromatherapy due to its fresh fragrance.



• Foot Massage , drop few drops of palmarosa oil in hot water and soak your feet in them and see the magic by making your feet feeling fresh , clean and softer. Any soarness , numbness will fade away in minutes.
• Put few drops of Palmarosa oil for Inhaling or aromatherapy and enjoy the soothing impact on your mind and soul. It reduces anxiety
• Diffuse as it instills a sense of positivity and calmness.
• Few drops of OLJA Palmarosa oil when mixed with cream or moisturizer can be used to treat skin issues like acne, itching, blisters, boils, warts, etc. It is useful for improving the overall appearance and health of your skin and can be added to make your creams and moisturizers better.

Additional information


Do not apply directly on your skin as it is undiluted and contains powerful extracts that may harm your skin.

Blends with

All types of carrier oils.

Method of extraction

Steam Distilation

Part used

Palmarosa Plant



Country of Origin


Shelf Life

Best before 2 years from manufacturing

Botanical name

Cymbopogon Martini

2 reviews for Palmarosa Essential Oil – 30 ml

  1. Shilpi singh

    Amazing skin care product must try

  2. Sonia bhatia

    I am mixing one drop of this oil with my regular moisturizer and the results are awesome.

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