Turmeric (Haldi) Oil

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OLJA Turmeric essential oil has various potential uses, and it is important to note that while it may offer certain benefits, individual reactions can vary. Here are common ways in which turmeric essential oil is used:

– Diffusion: Add a few drops of turmeric essential oil to an essential oil diffuser to fill the air with its warm and spicy aroma. This can create a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere.

– DIY Face Masks: Turmeric essential oil is sometimes incorporated into homemade face masks or skincare products. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may benefit the skin.

Natural Cleaning:
– Turmeric essential oil’s antimicrobial properties make it a potential addition to natural cleaning products. You can add it to homemade cleaners for a pleasant scent and potential antibacterial effects.



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